The Faculty of Law
Date: 04 November 2020

Our Campuses will be entered with HES Code

Dear Members of Beykent Family,

Within the scope of the precautionary measures against the pandemic, in order to protect your health and make you feel more physically isolated and safe, our students, academic and administrative staff, and the visitors will be asked for a HES Code while entering the campuses as from 04.11.2020.

Therefore, it is vital for those who will come to our campuses to show their HES Codes to the relevant staff in charge.

While entering the campuses, the staff will take your temperature, and check if you are wearing a mask. If you have flu or cold-like symptoms, please inform the security staff at the entrance of the University.

Remember, COVID-19 is not stronger than the measures we will take!


How to get a HES Code?

1- On the application “Hayat Eve Sığar”, click the section “HES Kodu İşlemleri” (HES Code Transactions).

Click the button “HES Kodu Oluştur” (Create a HES Code). Set a validity period, and create the code.

You can download the application “HES” on AppStore or Google Play.

2- Via SMS: Type your Turkish ID Numberthe Last Four Digits of Serial Number on the front side of your Turkish ID Card, and “Sharing Period” (the number of days you plan to share the code for) respectively, and send it to 2023. The system will send you a HES Code with a validity period (in days).

For example: HES 12345678901 1234 45

3- You can also get your HES Code via e-Government (e-Devlet) portal.

You can select the option “HES Kodu Üretme ve Listeleme” (HES Code Generation and Listing), and then click “Yeni HES Kodu” (New HES Code) on the e-Government portal