The Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law

Beykent University’s Faculty of Law was founded in 2008.

Our Faculty aims to educate lawmakers who are not afraid to talk, who question, and who are modern and just. Another main goal of our Faculty is to provide our students with the skills of defining problems in society and law just in time, and solving them in a fair and appropriate way.

Our Faculty offers applied and practical education in order to enhance students’ practical law perceptions and problem solving skills.

Our students obtain thinking methods which will lay their professional foundations and create valuable connections for their future professional lives by attending symposiums, seminars and activities which are carried out in collaborations with courthouses and professional organisations.

Law is the most indispensable and prestigious profession of all time. Our students who complete their education under modern circumstances at Beykent University’s Faculty of Law will be able to choose their professional path as a candidate lawyer from a variety of job opportunities.

Medium of instruction in our Faculty is Turkish. English Preparatory Programme is optional.